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Celtic Trinity Knots are at the heart of each accessory in this historically inspired collection.  The delicate lace trim, traditional white linen, and medley of green ribbons combine to create a look with distinctive and sentimental charm.


Celtic Charm Unity and Taper Candles Thumbnail

Celtic Guest Book Thumbnail Celtic Charm Toasting Flutes Thumbnail
Unity Candle 
& Tapers
Guest Book Toasting Flutes
Celtic Charm Pen Set Thumbnail Celtic Charm Square Ring Pillow Thumbnail Celtic Charm Flower Girl Basket Thumbnail
Pen Set Ring Pillow Flower Girl
Celtic Charm Garter Thumbnail Celtic Charm Knife and Server Set Thumbnail Traditional Celtic Cake Top Thumbnail
Garter Knife and
Server Set
Claddagh Symbol 
Cake Top
Celtic Charm Heart Framed Trinity Knot Cake Top Thumbnail Celtic Charm Gift Cards, Confetti Cards Thumbnail Celtic Charm Wedding Bulletin Thumbnail
Trinity Knot
Cake Top
Celtic Gift Tags &
Confetti Cards
Wedding Bulletins
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